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Call us today: 816-931-2122

What to expect during your first visit:

We pride ourselves on seeing patients promptly and remaining on schedule. From your first visit throughout your time with us, we want to make your experience as comfortable and painless as possible.

Once you are here:

You will be asked to complete medical and dental history forms. Please be sure to bring a list of your current medical conditions, prescription and over the counter medications that you take, and other health care professionals that you are seeing.

Comprehensive Evaluation:

Before prescribing any treatment, Dr. Padley will perform a complete soft tissue and Periodontal examination. We may need to take x-rays if they are not provided by your referring dentist. The findings of your exam, and any recommended treatment and treatment options will be thoroughly explained.


Using the information obtained from your examination, Dr. Padley will develop a treatment plan that is personalized for your specific needs. All treatment options are fully explained. For many patients, periodontal surgery is not the first or only option. Whenever possible, Dr. Padley uses conservative minimally invasive procedures.

Role in your health:

To help achieve the best possible treatment result, that lasts for the longest period of time, requires your commitment. Patients that follow home care instructions and periodontal maintenance recommendations will have the best chance to remain healthy, and require less re-treatment in the future.

On your side:

Dr. Padley works closely with your dentist, and other health care providers to help manage your periodontal disease and improve your health.

An annual comprehensive evaluation is necessary to assess your periodontal
health by examining your teeth, gums, bite, bone structure and risk factors.